Potential Anesthesia Errors Made During Surgery

An anesthesia mistake can result in severe injury to Minnesota patients. Some of the more common anesthesia errors that can occur include:

  • Failure to properly monitor: if a patient’s vital signs and sedation levels are not monitored properly, it could result in brain damage or respiratory distress
  • Injury caused during intubation: this can result from the failure to intubate (which helps patients breathe during surgery) or a mistake made in the intubation process
  • Dosage errors: if the anesthesiologist administers too much to too little anesthesia, or if the dosage is not properly labeled
  • Switching off the alarm on the pulse oximeter: the oxygen level in a patient’s bloodstream must be monitored at all times during surgery. The alarm indicates a dangerous oxygen level, so turning it off (purposely or accidentally) can be deadly
  • Delayed delivery: this may result from a vaporizer leak, IV mistake and problems with syringe swapping
  • Leaving the patient unattended: if an anesthesiologist becomes distracted and leaves a patient, even for a split second, tragedy may result

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